Tulip Trees are coming to life!


Tulip Trees in early spring.

Pictured is a Tulip Tree planted about 6 years ago. It is about 10-12 feet high. There are two trees about 25 feet apart. It is important to anticipate the final growth size. Clearly it is in
dicated “plant 20 feet apart” however when you first plant them – them look so small! They can’t possibly mean that far apart! But, like children, they grow quickly and get bigger quicker than we think. These two look like they are doing well, in spite of deer snacking. They bloom really early in the spring – kind of a “wake up call”. Low maintenance is their middle name – works for me! Thanks for looking.


Some things people should know about Creative Blogs Ink in 2014

blog world

Blogs Rule!

Blogs are information highways – done correctly they can convey data, ideas, creativity, images and social trends. Come along, learn and stretch your skills!

3 things our customers get from us in 2014

rosie1. New knowledge

Exercising our resources to acquire additional skills to provide more opportunities for our clients.

2. New skills

Using newly developed resources to provide a more lucrative product for our clients.

3. New equipment

We are always on the lookout to provide additional services and quality to our products, which in turn adds value to our client offerings.